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The Benefits of Facebook Apps

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Wednesday, 05. February 2014

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By rosariofitch08march, 09:02

RosarioFitchHi, I’m Rosario Fitch. I lived in Kentucky until I was about 11 and I moved to California with my parents. I like horseback riding (I used to competitively ride) and attending museums, art shows and anything culturally enriching.

Interests: Horseback riding, museums, art, culture

Hobbies: Horseback riding, going to museums and art shows

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Fave movies: The Truman Show, Pleasantville

Fave actors: Reese Witherspoon, Ryan Philippe

Fave sport: Baseball

The Most Important Factors to Consider in a Facebook Application Development Project

By rosariofitch08march, 09:00

There are many benefits associated with having a mobile, web or Facebook app developed for one’s business. These apps can help a company better communicate with its clients. These applications can also improve the overall appearance of a company to consumers. These programs can also boost the marketing and advertising efforts that the business already employs. However, it is important for one to keep in mind that only an app that has been developed by a reputable Facebook application development company has the power to do all of these things. Facebook web and application development should only be handled by professionals with extensive experience.


What makes a great app? It is important that one knows the things that set a great app development firm from the rest. One of these is the set of factors that app developers take into consideration when taking on such a project. The best mobile, web, and Facebook app developers take into consideration the factors listed below.


The design of the app

The first thing that app users will immediately notice upon opening up an app is its design. If the app has been cheaply designed, one can expect users to uninstall it even before they have begun exploring the program. This is where one of the aspects that set the best mobile, web, and Facebook app developers apart from others.


The best app developers have a complete grasp on what an app design should be. These developers make sure that the design of the app is effective, interesting, and eye-catching. They incorporate all of these elements into the final design. When all of these aspects are worked into the app, the outcome is sure to gain the attention of users and make them want to explore the program even more.


The user friendliness of the app

Another important factor that the best mobile, web, and Facebook app firms take into consideration when creating an app is simplicity of use. An app that is too hard to understand or operate is sure to turn off users. A program that has too many buttons, controls, or instructions will also result in users becoming confused, which in turn may lead them to uninstalling the app. Instead of making apps too complicated, the best developers ensure that the app, while being easy to use even for beginners, is still interesting, handy, and useful.


The app meets Facebook standards

Facebook requires all apps meet their terms and conditions. If a program fails in one category, it will not be allowed on Facebook. Since the best app developers know the ins and outs of Facebook standards, one does not have to worry about delays in the launch of the business app.


For more information about Facebook web and application development, visit leading Facebook application development companyConvoSpark online at 


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The Top Reasons to Invest in Facebook App Development for Your Business

By rosariofitch08march, 08:57

As the number of individuals regularly using Facebook continuously increases, more and more business owners are finding ways to make the most out of the number one social media networking site. One of these uses that business owners have found is through Facebook app development. Through the creation of a useful, innovative and relevant Facebook application, businesses will greatly benefit specifically in terms of branding, presence, customer recall and customer recognition. All of these benefits will then result in these businesses becoming more profitable. However, businesses should be sure to work with a Facebook web and applicationdevelopment company to ensure the desired results, which are detailed below.


Strengthen a business’ branding and create a powerful presence

Having a Facebook app developed for a business will provide a company with new ways to strengthen its branding and gain a much more powerful presence both online and offline. How? A Facebook app that is innovative, as well as useful and relevant is sure to attract the attention of the specific group of people the business is targeting.


For example, take a business that deals with car insurance. One of the best options for this company is to have a utility app developed. This company should hire an app development company to create a utility app that is designed to help consumers find a car insurance policy that best fits their requirements and their budget. Thousands of consumers rely on the World Wide Web when it comes to car insurance companies, so allowing them to gain access to what they need by just simply launching an app will prove to be extremely useful.


As a result, these people who will download this app will recommend it and the business to their friends and acquaintances. More and more people will then know more about the company. They will want to learn more about the services available, which will then make them interested in visiting the company’s website. The more people that visit the website, the stronger and more powerful the business’ presence will be online.


Improve customer recall and recognition

A great improvement in customer recall and recognition will follow after a company has established stronger branding and a powerful presence. When people see the brand of the business, they will immediately know and recognize the business. This is extremely important, as business owners do not want customers to confuse their business with the competitors.


To make certain that a Facebook app development project will be a complete success, choose to work with the expert developers of ConvoSpark. Visit to learn more about this leading Facebook web and application development company and the high quality services it provides. 


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Useful iPhone Apps to Benefit Businesses’ Reputation and Revenue

By rosariofitch08march, 08:55

One of the most important things to consider when developing an iPhone app is the program’s overall usefulness to those who will download it. An app will only become popular if it will benefit those who download it in many different ways. Useful iPhone apps that are relevant, easy-to-use, innovative and enjoyable are those that make it to the list of the most popular apps for Apple mobile devices. This is why it is important for business or companies who are about to have such a program developed to work only with a top iPhone app development company.


The best iPhone app developers follow many different steps in order to ensure that the final product will be considered one of the best iPhone apps available in the market today. How do these expert developers create an app that will benefit its users? The best iPhone application developers are able to create these top notch programs through the following steps:


Research the client’s business

First and foremost, the expert developers of a top app development company will learn as much as they can about the client’s business by listening to their clients and researching the client’s business, as well as its industry. This will allow them to know exactly what the client’s business is all about, thus enabling them to come up with ideas on what the final product should be. As a result, the completed project will be something that the client’s customers will benefit from.


Consider the client’s industry and target audience

Next, expert app developers will take into consideration the specific group of people that their client’s business is targeting. This is extremely important, as the app should be able to garner the attention of the right people – consumers who are in need of the specific services, goods or products that the client has to offer. By gaining this knowledge, the iPhone app developers will be able to incorporate features into the app that these consumers will find interesting, thus making them want to download the program and use it regularly.


Create an app that fits the client’s business

There is a plethora of types of iPhone apps. Each of these apps should be designed according to the client’s specific business and industry. There are gaming apps, utility apps, coupon apps, contest apps and news apps among many others. Since expert iPhone app developers will first research their client’s business or company, they will be able to have a better understanding of which type of app is best for their clients and their clients’ customers.


In order to ensure that an application is among the most useful iPhone apps in the Apple App Store, work with the expert developers at ConvoSpark. Visit this leading iPhone app development company at


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Why Mobile, Internet, and Facebook Apps are Extremely Important Tools for Businesses

By rosariofitch08march, 08:54

In today’s technologically advanced world, a large percentage of the population relies on mobile phones and the Internet for communication. Many of these individuals would not be able proceed with their lives without having access to the Internet or their phones. This is true for both consumers and businesses. With thanks to the availability of a wide variety of mobile, Internet, and Facebook apps, the lives of consumers and business owners have now been much easier. Facebook app development companies now provide a range of businesses with apps that will prove to be extremely useful tools in the long run.

 The best way to communicate with clients

Previous to apps, there were only two ways for customers to contact businesses and companies. The first was by calling them and the second included visiting the physical location of these businesses. A lot of people do not want to be bothered with being on the phone for a long time and even more do not want to be inconvenienced by travelling to a business’ store. This has resulted in many consumers being unable to voice their issues and concerns with businesses.

 Client feedback is very important, as every company is eager to hear what others think of their business. By utilizing mobile, Internet, and Facebook applications, a business is providing their customers with a way to easily contact them. Whether they have some issues that need to be resolved or if they simply want to know more about the company, these communication platforms will cover all of their needs.

 Businesses appear more professional

In today’s extremely competitive world, it is important for a company to look as professional and as technologically advanced as possible. These apps make use of the latest in technology, which means that they are innovative. If a company makes use of such programs, consumers will know that they are a professional company. This will then increase the company’s chances of impressing these people, which in turn will possibly make them customers.


Apps strengthen advertising efforts

Additionally, mobile, Internet, and Facebook applications can be used to strengthen the marketing and advertising efforts of a company. Through such programs, a business can promote their products and services much more effectively. The business will also be able to reach more people, seeing that these apps can be accessed by anyone throughout the world.

To work with one of the leading mobile, Internet, and Facebook app development companies, visit ConvoSpark online now at Their Facebook apps are considered some of the most innovative in the industry.

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Is it a Good Idea to Develop Multi-Platform Mobile and Facebook Apps over Single Platform Ones?

By rosariofitch08march, 08:51

Today, business owners are provided with many different tools in order to improve their marketing reach and their advertising strategies. It is because of the ever-growing number of technological advancements that organizations can quickly tap into the unique market and audience they are targeting. One such innovation is the development of mobile and Facebook apps. Today, as the competition becomes more saturated, more and more entrepreneurs are enlisting the services of Facebook, Android, and iPhone app development companies to get ahead.


If you own and run a business, you may already have considered having a mobile or a Facebook application developed to strengthen your brand. In this case, be aware that there many important factors to think about before employing an app development firm. One of these is choosing between a multi-platform and a single platform program. To help you decide, take a closer look at the list below, which highlights the benefits of both types of apps.


Benefits and Advantages of Multi-Platform Apps

There are countless benefits and advantages that you will be able to enjoy when you choose to have a mobile or a Facebook app developed for your business. Here are just some of them:


           Greater Market and Audience Reach – Obviously, the more platforms that the apps cover, the greater your market and audience reach will be. If your app can run on both Android and iOS, you will be able to tap into a much larger market potential.

           Simple, More Convenient Marketing – This is especially true if your business has already been able to generate a large fan base. Through a multi-platform app, marketing is simplified because you are free to market the app using generalized mass messaging.

           Uniformity in Appearance and Feel – It may be difficult to work with separate teams who will be handling an app for iOS, one for Android, and yet another one for Facebook. A multi-platform app, on the other hand, will definitely provide consistency, not only in appearance, but also in user experience. 

Pros of Single Platform Apps

Now, let us take a look at the benefits that come with single platform apps.

           Lower Initial Costs – Take note that lower costs are only in terms of initial expenditures. This becomes more expensive if you decide to have another single platform program developed in the future.

           Simple Integration – It may be easier to integrate a single platform app since you only have to think about local settings, preferences, and notifications from one particular platform.

The Verdict

Now that you are more aware of the benefits and the advantages of multi-platform and single platform mobile and Facebook apps, you may find it easier to determine which is best for your business. If you are still unsure, it is extremely important that you hire one of the most reliable iPhone app development companies that also specialize in Facebook and Android app development, to receive expert guidance and assistance. One such company is ConvoSpark, a leading provider of app development services across all major platforms. To learn more, please go to

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The Challenges of iPhone and Facebook Application Development

By rosariofitch08march, 08:40

When it comes to searching for information on how to make iPhone apps or Facebook apps, some of the most important details that you need to look for are those that discuss the challenges associated with such a project. While it is true that there are now numerous tools available online that will help you create these programs, gaining access to them is not enough if you are inexperienced in iPhone or Facebook application development. There are many challenges associated with building an app – obstacles that only the best developers can overcome.


If you planned to develop the app yourself, you should first learn more about these challenges. By doing so, you will be able to determine whether or not you really have the skills and knowledge to create a successful app. Knowing more about these will also help you realize just how valuable the services of a professional development company are to business owners.


Cost to market
Possibly the biggest challenge associated with the creation of an app is its cost to market. You would need to make a significant investment, so be prepared for a fairly large budget. However, you also have to consider the return on investment (ROI) that a successful app can provide. While it is true that you will be faced with a considerable expense, this will be worth it provided that the app has been well-developed and thus enticing to customers.


Technical and high level components
Facebook and iPhone apps make use of programming languages that many web developers do not have any idea how to use. For example, on the iOS platform, the dominant programming language is Objective-C. Additionally, the learning curve when it comes to app development is also much steeper compared to web development. This means that you would need to be extremely experienced in such technical and high level components in order to create an outstanding program.


Upgrades, updates and improvements
As you may be aware of, the iOS platform for iPhone and iPad continuously changes. This is also true for the social media networking site Facebook. what is the relevance of such changes in developing an app? Well, the simplest explanation is that an app, which was working on a previous software or platform version, may no longer work on the latest version. In other words, you need to maintain app compatibility with all of its platform’s updates.


There is more to app development that just searching for tips on how to make iPhone apps or Facebook apps. Those mentioned above are just three of the greatest challenges in app development. Since you do not want to waste your money or time, you should work with a leading iPhone or Facebook application development company, such as ConvoSpark. To learn more, visit 


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iPhone versus Facebook App Developers – App Development for Different Platforms

By rosariofitch08march, 08:37

Social media is one of the most effective marketing tools, as it includes the ability to create applications specific to your business. If you have decided to work with Facebook app developers to create an application for your business, you should consider other application possibilities as well, including the option to develop apps for other platforms. There are varied other platforms available for such apps, such as iPhones, that can yield the same, if not better, results for a business owner such as yourself. For this reason, you should consider looking into the services of an expert iPhone development company before deciding.

 One way to determine which platform is best for the app that you wish to develop is to learn more about the benefits of each. Compare them to one another to discover which platform is best for your business. 

 The benefits of iPhone applications

Many of today’s smartphone users are iPhone owners. This is because Apple is a company known for its outstanding technology. Aside from iPhones, there are also iPods and iPads. This is why many companies, both small and large, opt to develop apps specifically for iOS devices. To give you a general overview of what an iPhone app can accomplish for your business, below are some of its greatest benefits:


  • Increased visibility and brand awareness
  • Maximized approach towards your target market
  • Provides users with greater accessibility to your company
  • Ensures high level of brand recall and customer retention
  • Promotes customer engagement and participation

The benefits of Facebook applications

There is no denying the fact that Facebook is the most popular social media networking site in today’s industry. As of July 2013, there are about 1.15 billion people worldwide with profiles on this social media site. With this in mind, there is no need to wonder why more and more businesses are creating apps for this particular social media platform. Aside from the fact that billions of people visit this website, there are other things that make Facebook a great place to establish an application. Let us now take a look at the benefits that a Facebook app can bring to your business:

  • Generate brand awareness
  • Improved SEO for greater website traffic
  • Promotes user engagement
  • Improved lead generation and brand retention
  • Increased online reputation

The verdict

As you can see, both iPhone and Facebook provide numerous benefits to business owners. The abovementioned benefits are just some of the best things that these platforms can accomplish for your business. The decision will ultimately come down to your own requirements and specific needs. You can always consider having an app that can be launched on both platforms, as well as on Android devices, so that you can even reach out to an even greater audience.

 Whether you are looking for expert Facebook app developers or a professional iPhone development company, you should consider working with ConvoSpark. Visit for more information.

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